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понедельник, февраля 27, 2006

As2ant 1.0 и As2api Task

As2ant 1.0 зарелизен.
Вот список изменений:
[+] org.as2lib.ant.As2api
Added support for HTML API documentation generation via As2api.
[!] org.as2lib.ant.Mtasc
Fixed bug with package-argument: Use relative paths!
[+] org.as2lib.ant.Mtasc
Added support for custom arguments:
[~] org.as2lib.ant.Mtasc
Ignore classes in source xml files that cannot be found.
[+] org.as2lib.ant.Mtasc
Added support for source xml files with 'type' as attribute.
[+] org.as2lib.ant.Mtasc
Improved commandline output by adding locations to all exceptions.
[~] org.as2lib.ant.Mtasc
Compile all source files in split-mode, even when one raises a compile error.

Download As2ant 1.0

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