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вторник, января 10, 2006

Christian Cantrell: ActionScript 3.0 Presentation and Examples

Кристиан Кантрелл и Дэнни Дура запостили PowerPoint-презентацию - как итог их путешествий по Европе и Азии в целях собирания международного комьюнити по ActionScript 3.0.
Помимо этого, выложили еще и много кода, который вы можете закачать прямо сейчас.

А вот темы презентации:
# Regular Expressions.
# E4X. The new and very simple way to create, parse, and query XML in ActionScript 3.
# ExternalInterface API. Allows your Flash content to communicate with its container (usually the HTML page via JavaScript) without any additional libraries.
# File upload. Shows how to upload a file using Flex and save it on the server using ColdFusion. (File upload is actually already available in Flash 8.0, but this is a Flex 2 example).
# Data types. Lists all the ActionScript 3.0 data types and their default values.
# Operators. Demonstrates some of the ActionScript 3.0 operators.
# Packages. Demonstrates how packages work in ActionScript 3.0.
# Rest arguments. ActionScript 3.0 supports a concept of "rest arguments" which you allows you to make some argument required, and also handle an arbitrary number of additional arguments.
# Proxy. The flash.util.Proxy object is a more powerful version of __resolve.
# Reflection. Shows how to introspect ActionScript 3.0 classes.
# Timer. Shows how to execute code at a specified interval.
# The new display list API.

Для просмотра примеров вам понадобится Flex 2.0.

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