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четверг, декабря 22, 2005

Flash Text Editor version 1.5 is out

List of new features:
1. Compatible with Flash 82. Advanced control handling3. New control types - for Flash player 6 and higher (cut, copy, paste, find, replace, select all, remove formatting, paragraph formatting)4. New control types - for Flash player 8 (letter spacing, kerning, align justify)5. Updated FileBrowser. Added new FilePreview and FileUpload components (this works with Flash player 8 only and is php and .NET supported)6. Support for emails in URL dialog window7. ToolTips8. Undo / Redo9. Two new events: change and popUp10. Improved format indication (now works with whole paragraphs)11. Can now set the format before typing the text12. Improved overall performance
Userguide can be found at: http://flashtexteditor.com/userguide/

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