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среда, апреля 06, 2005

The Vita Voom pgExpress PostgreSQL dbExpress Driver

The Vita Voom pgExpress PostgreSQL dbExpress Driver is a
Kylix/Delphi 6+/C++ Builder 6.0+ dbExpress Driver that
directly access
PostgreSQL 7.1 or newer: no ODBC layer is needed. It can
access use
almost all field types, and is compliant to the Borland
of dbExpress drivers.

Changes in this version include:

ADDED: eMetaDefaultSchemaName support (D2005+): returns

CHANGED: Blob operations are less verbose on the

CHANGED: For better dbExpress compliance, the MaxBlobSize
parameter now
is ignored (but still stored internally).

CHANGED: Fishfact demo updated, and added a D2005 version.

FIXED: Blob write buffer changed to 4 Kb; it should work
with most servers.

FIXED: Fixed a D2005 bug in the FishFact demo that would
prevent quoting
of the field names (FishFact's database field names are case
In fact, this is more a TDatasetProvider bug workaround (
TDatasetProvider.Options.poUseQuoteChar is initialized as

FIXED: Some BLOB interface fixes, including better
compatibility. Check also the BLOB documentation for new


For checking the pgExpress page in our web site, and
downloading it,
please go to

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